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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 15, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> eric: this case -- i'm going to put money in there. i'm the one who caused it. i apologize as well. >> dana: that's very kind. fa that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who is prepping for the republican convention. it does not include strip clubs. are you happy, greg? let's go to the current president of diligence, mike baker for our half time report. when a drone is not just up close and personal enough. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> it is never enough. and so it doesn't involve strip clubs? >> not in the least. >> thank you, by the way. let me ask you a question, when i mention desmond tutu to you, what do you think of?
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>> reality tv? >> exactly. reality tv. and when i say paul ryan? >> maybe anonymous goppundit? >> two for two. what about boston's logan airport? what pops into your head? >> this might sound crazy, but racial profiling? >> and that, andy, is our show. see you at half time. >> very concise. i like that. let's welcome our guests. i am here with come lull nighs and author jedediah bila. he thinks he is watching hope springs right now. and sitting next to me and the comedian sherrod small. >> it is in the room. >> and it is my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> it is sherrod's birthday as we air and bill's birthday as we tape. >> and it is andrew's birthday
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as we saturday. >> why don't we start the show? >> it is being poo-pooed by desmond tutu. they are hosting a new show that they say glorifies war and gore. stars earn stripes and it pairs in active soldiers like dean cain, picabo street and todd palin as they perform all kinds of exercises. wesley clark said at the top of the show, i am doing a series for one reason, to introduce you, the american people to the individuals that sacrifice so much for all of us. but the peace prize winning killjoys say, this program pays homage to no one anywhere. it is likening it to an athletic competition. and they say it is a glorification of service. let's look at a clip.
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>> it is more like a glorification of purvis. good night, everyone. thanks, everyone. sherrod, here is the deal. every military tv movie and show which there are tons glorifies the military service. why are these old hippies picking on the project? >> co don't get orders from desmond tutu, do we? first of all, that's the same show ozzy osbourne's son got off of because they couldn't do it because of his illness. i don't think it was worth leaving because it stinks. i watched it, he is a good friend of mine, but it is slow. it makes me want to root for somebody else's army.
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>> i don't. >> jedediah, president obama is a nobel peace prize winner. since he didn't, should he be impeached? >> absolutely be impeached 100%. noticing a pattern every time i am on the show? he should be -- i have to say i like the show. i like the physical competition kind of shows. i think it showcases what our military does. we think of that as detached, and now we get to see some real reality tv. a lot of reality tv is staged. this is what life is like in the military. what better way to see it? >> you can watch that on the military channel. there are no stars involved. >> i think the stars make it exciting. people tune in to see the stars. the money goes to charity. it goes to military charity. >> it is a shame that we need
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to see liala ali. >> the point of the show is that celebrities can appreciate and understand our military. >> possibly. first of all the critics should be grateful. nbc's first choice was a show of celebrities playing the card game war. >> that's riveting tv. >> nbc are defensive. they say they don't treat it as an athletic event. if it was an athletic event they would tape delay it eight hours. >> excellent point. >> bill, doesn't this prove the old adage? it is an old saying, you may be able to help tear down a racist government, but you will never get a network to drop a highly rated tv show? >> that's a very wordy, uneloquent additive. that's probably why it didn't catch on. i feel like every person who
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signed this had a senior moment at the same time. it makes zero sense. if you were to apply the logic to everything it is everything. any tv show that is glorifying it or using it to entertain, i don't know why they put the pointer on this show. it makes no sense. desmond tutu is finally acting as silly as he dresses. he dresses ridiculously of the i will also agree with sherrod. normally we are respectful of our military, but since this is an nbc show, it sucks. >> by the way, he didn't get that name because he wears tutu's. >> well, i have never actually seen him. >> he dresses just fine. jay jedediah -- >> jedediah. the ratings were pretty darn good for the premiere of the
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show. bishop tutu and his nobel loriats, they don't have a prayer. >> they are out of touch with what people like to watch. the celebrity component draws in people who want to see stars. he brings in a political come pone inept. component. it is giving insight to things people don't know a lot about and don't think they can do themselves. you imagine yourself and say could i do these things? you say, well, could you? >> not only that, they are ordinary everyday people, but if they could put more of the p pikaboo street and you can see them challenging themselves and doing the stuff military does, as a . of -- point of reference you can see wow, we have more respect. >> and can you glorify the army without glorifying war? >> which is a fair question. >> we want to shine the light on the army what they do for
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us, not that we attack people and shoot them. >> i haven't seen the show which makes me evidently qualified to comment on it. other than sherrod -- we specifically ask our guests not to watch the show before you come on. they are showing what you go through in training, not fake combat missions, right? >> they are trying to show you how they operate under real combat. they have things exploding and bullets flying the a you. flying at you. it is a way to glorify the army without glorifying war. >> the only reason the show was produced was somebody came up with the pun stars and stripes. it sounded like stars and stripes. >> it is stars earn stripes. >> if you have to sit there and enunciate the title of a show -- >> but i feel like -- i think more and more tv shows and movies are getting made because somebody comes up with a funny title.
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>> it is not a pun if you make up a name first. >> from tv to vp. is paul ryan a good bet or reason to fret. it is the latter with gop chatter with pros expressing concern and expressing anonymously. interviewed strategists and operatives. i was going to do that and got caught up in a dr. suess marathon. it went from naying apprehension and hair -- and he added that it is death for republicans into the campaign. they are worried romney doesn't have a budget plan. but it gets worse amazingly the obama campaign isn't high on ryan either. riding on their tumbler, quote, in case you missed the excitement, meet paul ryan who
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is actually the worst. for more let's go to the political cor vee spawn dent -- the correspondent, baby hedge hog. >> he is using the method that could be aligned in the kitchen. >> it is like a -- i don't know. i am starting to think baby animals are adorable or something. you are a republican operative. you work directly with the party and take your directions directly. are you worried about paul ryan? >> i am less worried about paul ryan. i am actually an independent, and a lot of people don't know that. i am less worried about paul ryan than i would be pawlenty or portman. a lot of people would have loved for him to have played it safe and pick somebody bland and wouldn't ruffle feathers.
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i wanted him to pick somebody that would make a clear choice. this is barack obama and what he stands for and this is who we are. we can see where they stand and we can vote. i want entitlements being talked about. that means the gop will need to own the narrative. can they do that? i want to be bold this time around. >> one gop operative says ryan is not helpful down the ballot. that means he is mott going to help republicans running in the house and senate. he said, quote, this is the day the music died. did he mean that literally? does the music die? >> i never heard of music to begin with. i will say that i don't know why these people are so surprised. romney made a gamble. he is mormon and he has no gambling experience. it is like going to vegas with somebody with no background of gambling and puts a thousand bucks on one roulette spin. exactly. you don't get all worked up
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about it. that number might come up. >> sometimes you will sit down at a blackjack table and you know the rules and you sit and lose and somebody hits on a 16 and pulls a 21 and wins. >> what is the name of the game again? >> are you not supposed to hit on a 16? >> depends on what the dealer has. they interviewed three dozen of the operatives and nobody would speak on the record. you have to love when people criticize somebody and they won't use their name. >> they don't want to -- you know, i don't know. paul ryan seems like an okay dude. but i don't trust dudes with stwo first names. lose the first name and get a smith in there. he doesn't like health care for old people. that's what i heard. and he don't like babies. >> really?
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he doesn't like babies? >> he hates all babies. >> i didn't hear that. >> not the ones we all hate. >> wouldn't talk to his son until he was 15. >> breaking news on this one. >> paul ryan on that ticket just as right and untouched. i mean, i like him more than i like mitt romney, but he is not the head of the ticket. maybe when he is the head of the ticket, but now? no. >> the polls were basically deadlocked. this is like being in a tie game in the fifth inning and the call the bull pen and bring out tanner boyle. >> a lot of people are on google right now. >> bill, have you been covering presidential elections for like 30, 32 years. what do you make of this? >> well, so much for romney having disdain for careerliticis
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background. that's exactly who this man is. secondly fun facts about him. this is true. he is a rage against the machine pho fanatic. it makes no sense. secondly, they are more known for their leer ricks than their leer -- their lyrics, than their lyrisism. >> i am a rage against the machine fan, and it is laughable. >> i think it is funny when people come down on me because they think i am is a career politician. >> you get health care. >> it is good because the top of the ticket has a ton of executive experience and really with the governor and they really complement each other quite well. paul ryan even though he has been in dc, he is in budget talks. they will focus on the economy, but they have been in different areas and different fears. >> they are like batman and
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robin and starsky and hutch. >> he is a little young. he did call the romney-ryan ticket team griffendore. >> i read that somewhere. >> they are making a lot of hey with now. rob lowe, yes, rob lowe felt the need to defend -- can somebody explain the -- explain it when it comes up? did you expect that from rob lowe? >> i did not expect that from my rob lowe. i think it is interesting though. a lot of hollywood closet conservatives are testing the waters and coming out and making some statements here about romney. rob lowe probably likes his individualism. she a creative person. more power to him for doing it publicly. >> here is why i don't think
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rob lowe was that creative. did you see what he is doing in the twitter pic? he is doing the cross your arms to make your by accept -- biceps bigger. >> you push right here and it makes it look like you have bigger biceps. >> sometimes they are the old stand by for a reason. >> sherrod, i want to play a clip of paul ryan. >> iowa ans and wisconsinites we want to be peaceful and listen to each other. these ladies must not be from iowa or wisconsin. >> she must not be from iowa. all right. >> your professional opinion? >> kramer from seinfield dealt with the hecklers better.
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>> sherrod can say that because he is a racist. >> that stunk. >> what is he saying in the first place? you are not from wisconsin or iowa, so you are from one of the other states i have to run in? >> he was talking to people from those two states, so it was a good move at the time. >> they are not canadian. they here here. >> he should have said, they must be canadian. >> two things. first of all, in these clips, what do we see? he rolls with it of the he is pore sis assistant. he is persistent and maybe slightly deaf. what is the thought of him being youthful. those are things of old age. if he had better writers he could have come back to the heckler with, i don't come down to your job and heckle you. oh that's right, you don't
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have a job. you should vote for me so you will. >> he has a new career. coming up, what is the key to becoming a special stand up comedian? why i sacrifice a live puppy before every game. but first, look at the tsa. must be a story about people doing an awesome job. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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should his analogy warrant an apology? joe biden created a stir after telling a virginia audience that romney's plan to lift financial regulations would, quote, put y'all back in chains. >> romney wants to let -- he
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said he will let the big banks write their own rules. they will unchain wall street. they are going to put y'all back in chains. >> the crowd in virginia included many black, sherrod, and some say he was making a reference to slavery. the romney camp called it a new low while team obama responded that gop officials have, quote, called for the unshack lig from regulations. since then the vice president has used a similar met fore to to -- metaphor to unshackle the middle class. you know who is unaware of the latest controversy. >> envy him. sherrod, i will go to you first, but only because you are next to me. >> the black had nothing to do
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with it? >> no. i am going in order here. biden was speaking to a crowd that was roughly half black. do you think he knew what he was saying? >> probably. i didn't see the crowd in that clip, but i heard the tone in his choice. and he had some black sc -- black-cent on that. >> i like it. >> i didn't like. it -- i know he said that before. but he knows that he turned it up a little. >> it is the diction. he wasn't speaking like that the whole time. >> i think i heard him say mfers. >> i think i heard cracker. >> it is still better than paul ryan. that square. >> no. >> jedediah, do you think he was making a slavery reference or a harmless metaphor?
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>> biden is so odd and prone to saying such crazy things, i don't know if in his mind he had that intention. i am less interested in that and more interested in the media response which is that they kind of ignored this and said it was no big deal. but if a republican had gotten up and said something like this under those circumstances, it would have been out right, this is rachel and everybody will be talking about it. i don't like hypersensitivity to rhetoric. then we have to over analyze it and we can't talk. >> if a republican was in there talking, half the crowd wouldn't have been black. >> i am not a huge fan now that the republican has said this game,. >> i can imagine it, but i will say this, joe biden was being a total diction. i am from tennessee of the i am a southerner.
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it should be noted that when you are talking to southerners, the only chains you are allowed to mention are things like gold coral, waffle house. outside of those chains -- >> bill, last word to you. make it a big one. >> teenage girl has co-opted the word y'all. i wasn't thinking folksy. i think brittny is tweeting her new album. y'all is no longer folksy. you can be a 12-year-old girl or gay and say y'all. it is no longer something people can say. >> i don't think people in the south feel that way. >> my album drops soon, y'all. do you have a comment on the show? e male us at fox news -- e-mail us at fox go to fox eye and
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look for the news video tab and click on submit a video. it is that easy, people. and who knows? we may feature your video on red eye. still to come, the half time report from mike baker. it is the small wild cats found mostly in the desert regions of africa and asia. thanks, sand cats.
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let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. let's go to mike baker. i dropped my pen cap, and i am a little out of balance right now. so i am out of sorts. >> well, you should lean left and then i should lean right. >> i appreciate the warning and i have taken the notes. >> i have your 6. it could all go pair shaped. >> it could at any moment. >> and we have seen that before, haven't we? and we are -- by the way, happy birthday to bill, and happy birthday to sherrod. what a pleasure it is to be on the show with sherrod again. happy birthday to andy. it sounds like you all come from the same birth parents. >> separated at birth. >> exactly. >> sherrod, this show, you don't like it. >> it was too slow for me.
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>> did you watch the whole episode? >> i watched three quarters of it. >> they expect that. you watched three quarters and you thought it was slow. was there anything about it you thought you enjoyed? >> i enjoyed seeing the military dudes, actually. i was learning about their specialties and where they fought. i thought that was great. >> are you serious when you said ozzy's kid -- >> he was thrown off because he came -- he had multiple -- >> i think it was ms. >> sharon got mad and she quit "america's got talent" and that's what i hear. >> full disclosure, gang. i was actually talked to by the show's producers, mark burnett and the others about appearing on the show. so i am somewhat partial to that. i like the show and i like the
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concept of supporting the military. i have a great deal of respect for mark burnett. and none of this is career enhancing. >> we appreciate your honesty, mike.>> let the chips fall where they may. you were always that type of guy. >> that's right. desmond tutu, i know a lot of viewers -- i have been getting a lot of tweets from viewers asking about desmond tutu and who he might be. he was born in 1931. he obviously is a south african activist. he fought uh par tied during the 1980s. he was the first black archbishop in south africa. he did a lot before he won his nobel peace prize in 1984. let that be a lesson to those who may not have. he apparently and other nobel peace prize winners find it appalling. somebody raised the question and i don't remember who? can you glorify the military
12:33 am
without glorifying the war? >> sherrod. >> what is the answer to that question? >> you can glorify the military without glorifying the war. you can glorify the great things they do in terms of self-defense and protecting us. it is not about violence. it is about protecting the country. >> that's a very good answer. bill, were you taking notes? >> i was. i was just thinking of the song gloria. why somebody hasn't remade the jam is off the easy. >> crap like that happens all the time. you just hear the song in your head. >> anything about laura branigan. >> come on eileen. >> my favorite. >> congratulations to you, keith. i think it was four and a half minutes into the show before you mentioned nbc's fail on the olympic coverage. >> yes, i did say that. >> in passing, yes.
12:34 am
if you have a show cooking with nbc i apologize for ruining your chances. >> i feel bad for all of us now. >> bill, you said any film -- you said any film or project that involves war glorifies war? >> to a certain extent, yes. you are equating glorification with entertainment. i don't understand the argument. >> the argument that you posed? >> i was quoting them. >> i think you could look at schindler's list and at the killing field -- >> okay maybe not all. a lot. >> i was just asking. the nobel winners are out of touch. do you think they occupy their own sphere of the world? >> i onto said that because barack obama is a winner and i had to rag on him.
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i have to do my job. >> i think these guys you win a nobel peace prize and you just coast. >> i think you do. that's essentially -- that's the pattern that's been happening. since i won mine i haven't done [bleep]. >> i am going play the role of greg here. andy, you said you haven't seen the show. they are not faking combat missions, are they? yes, that's the whole point of the show. they go through training and they have a fake combat mission. the point is, he is introducing america to -- these operatives and the people they have on the show, they personify the rest of the military. they can't have the military on there because the set is not big enough for something like that. i don't understand the production value. >> lets attack that show some more. >> i think that is a bad idea. >> when we say we have not
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seen it, we really have seen it. >> unlike you, mike, we speak the truth. >> you know me. i am all about the research. the paul ryan story, jedediah, most of the viewers had no idea you were a gop operative until bill mentioned it. >> everybody who knows me knows the opposite. i don't know that everyone in the gop loves me much. >> you view him as not the safe choice. don't you look at him and say look at mark -- marco rubio and he may not have got through the process. you look at pawlenty and port map and -- portman and maybe they don't have the statute stature. don't you think he was the right choice and we didn't see it. >> logical, but they want people who won't ruffle feathers and put big issues liken title meant reform in an
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election they feel they had it won. without charisma and without boldness, a lot of folks on the right may have sit at home and not been involved. >> you are a gop operative? >> i am not. i am a realist. >> i don't think natalie portman is even a republican, and i don't think she is 35 years old. >> can anybody name a rage against the machine song? >> "t-you i won't do what you tell me." >> "freedom"," bulls on parade." how long do you want me to keep going? >> keep going. i have a minute left jie. "walking on sunshine." >> you said at the end of the day -- i wrote that down. >> we are not supposed to say -- >> a couple of other things,
12:38 am
keeping track of timing, you have about seven minutes in before you mentioned mitt romney is a mormon. sherrod, do you believe that story about the gop pundits, or the operatives having angst? was that thrown out there by maybe the democratic machine? >>- q. i it is not -- >> it is not the democrat machine. it is rage against the machine. >> i am supposed to talk back to andy, but i had a quick question i wanted to pose to keith and you, sherrod. your best line against hecklers? >> my best line against hecklers? >> i never get hecklers. i am thorough and safe. >> keith? >> i will say, if you don't like me, i will bring sherrod
12:39 am
back up. >> it is a good gig. >> now i am tossing it back to andy. >> thanks a lot. by the way, i think i said "power in the name of." >> at the end of the day it doesn't matter. coming up, i'm sorry if i drunk dial you tonight. it is not my fault. it is the peach schnaupps. what does milely cyrus' new haircut mean for america? the story president obama doesn't want you to hear.
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she put us in shock by chopping off her locks. on sunday mily cyrus unveiled a new haircut and documenting the entire horror on twitter. first she up loaded a picture of her hairdresser with scissors to the golden bun. and then after we regained consciousness she tweeted
12:43 am
several images of the finished look and several messages to her haircut critics. "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. my hair is attached to my head. my dad used to tell me, opinions are like [bleep] everybody has one. i love my hair. i feel so happy. pretty and free. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning rooooooouuuunnnnnddd. rroooooooooooouuuuuunnndd. lightning round. >> how dare you? >> that was a little birthday present to you. >> why would she do this to
12:44 am
us, and where were you when you heard the news? >> i was listening to the music guy when paul ryan was announced. i think it is safe to say that i am the last person who has a right to comment on somebody's hair. >> i think that person is actually siting to your left. >> this was a choice. >> this looks like -- if you look at the graphic, it looks like somebody made a hybrid lotion of row gain and nair in the same bottle. it is like something from doctor murrow. it is the act opposite of her dad. he had an animal mullet, and she comes out with a scwairl with a main. >> it is a reverse mullet. >> that leads to my next question. her dad, billy ray, did once have probably the greatest mullet in history. >> never heard of him. jay i think you have. is it possible she is trying
12:45 am
to follow in his foot steps? >> milely is 19 and young and you want to do different things with your face and head and your hair. she is going through one of those. right now she is 19 and she has the new boyfriend and they are banging all day anyway. it doesn't matter what her hair looks like. she is on a mattress on the floor getting it on. i don't need my parents no more. i am grown. >> you are just voicing your weirdness. >> no, you remember that first girlfriend, you remember that. >> if we can get back to this important story. milely's hairdresser is the creator of "the rachel." >> which i was a fan of. >> creator. >> is this whathe new generation have to look forward to? "the milely"? >> that shows how diverse his talent s. he can do the rachel and he can do that. i give her credit. she wants to come into her own. she probably had people
12:46 am
telling her when she was a kid, this is what you should look like. now she says this is what i look like. it is a little funky and a little weird, but i say go for it. >> would you ever consider a drastic change like this, and if you did, what do you think the response would be on twitter? >> this story was a hair intervention, wasn't it? >> keith and i during the break had a workable there row behind this. -- had a workable theory behind this. the theory is who else was a disney bubble and went a little coo-coo and shaved her head. we have a full on trend. first it was brittni and now it is milely and then waiting for the the third. she is going nuts and wants to redo a make of domino. >> maybe the first was cinderella and raw public swrel.
12:47 am
she was the first to cut her hair. >> i regret not letting you into the theory. >> i think she let it down though. >> it is the same dude who did the rachel. next topic. according to a topic reeves and his partner are going to tip " bill and ted 3". it will be about bill and ted saving the world. there will be a live action hybrid movie based on the 80s sitcom alf. which are you so excited about. >> i loved alf. he ate cats and he was obnoxious. i will go with alf. >> i am saying alf. >> i have never seen bill and ted, ever. >> my question to you makes no sense so say whatever you
12:48 am
want. >> i hear that's one of the only movies that keanu reeves was actually good in. >> awful, awful. >> have you seen johnny pneumonic? >>al of is probably old now. >> and key an knew is doing great. that other guy? he can't eat. >> keith, any chance you will addition for the role of the father in "alf"? >> yes. >> he loves lasagna. he hates mondays and he has suction cups up on the windows. i am a big fan. >> bill, last word to you quickly. >> first garfield, alf, the smurfs, hollywood, you are
12:49 am
pathetic. if you make -- if you remake "charles in charge" i will come over there and kill you. >> i have never seen an episode of "alf." an interview staring mike mckows sc i.
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the olympics are over and
12:53 am
they are never coming baying. that's right. they were canceled. no more olympics. for two weeks mike covered the games for us live in london. and boy was he the opposite of not a disappointment. i believe we have his sizzle real. >> for more let's go live to london where our olympics correspondent has been covering the developments. a warning there may be a small satellite delay. mike, are you there? >> hi, greg. i am here live in london for the big story. hi, greg, the opening ceremonies took place tonight and man it is really electric out here. you can really feel the magic. >> again, it is andy. i am hosting tonight. i understand paul mccartney and james bond were there. >> yes, greg, there is a lot of great, crazy things happening at these opening ceremonies. you just have to be here.
12:54 am
>> mike, did you do mi reporting on the olympics today? >> that's it from london. back to you, greg. >> mike is back is we thought we could give him one more chance to tell us about what he learned from his experience. welcome back. >> thanks, greg. it is great to be back in new york. >> i am andy and i am sitting in front of you, dude. just look to your right. >> the biggest story of the olympics, michael phelps record setting medals. maybe hussein bolt. which of the stories do you think was the best? >> that's it from new york. back to you, greg. >> well, that's all the time
12:55 am
we have. i am beginning to think there is a satellite delay. we will close things up with mike baker. go to fox eye.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." return appearances from recommend may spencer, joe devito and i'm mow general lloyd -- immogen loid webber. and time to go back to mike baker for the post game wrap up. >> thank you, andy. sherrod, tell us all about "good afternoon america." >>- >> it is on abc. i will be on there litter today at 2:00 p.m. check it out. good times. >> 2:00 p.m. eastern time. >> i will be on there with the super nanny, joe. we will be debating something. >> jedediah -- >> yes? >> yes.
12:59 am
tell us about your next fox column. it is fox i talk about 2012 and the female vote and what is really going on. you have to read it. check it out. >> the female vote? >> where are women voting and why? i break it down. >> are people going to read that . >> you are at the front edge. who ever wins a vote they can get the election. >> should very -- of course she that have the vote. >> keith, where are you going to be coming up soon? >> performing wednesday thraw sunday this week in down down cleavland at hilarities comedy club. no puppies will be sacrificed before my should shows. >> hilarity. be there. andy, it is you.


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